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Our Vision
To establish a Holistic and Sustainable Community Transformation through Netweaving

Our Mission

  • HAND will collaborate and network with partners in disaster & community transformation

  • HAND will equip & build communities’ capacity through an asset-based approach

  • HAND will be a catalyst for sustainable community transformation

Our Core Values

The HAND community is grounded by a heart of love and compassion for those in need of assistance and care especially who are afflicted by disaster, poverty, and social injustice.

RELATIONSHIP (HEART) The HAND community will always seek to include and work with other like-minded individuals and groups to change the world to be a better place. We value the power of human networks and relationships. It is simply, “Friends working with Friends, having fun and changing the world”.

The HAND community is adaptive, resilient, and mission-oriented. It will strive for mission success in spite of challenges and difficulties. It will also uphold a high standard of cleanliness and punctuality.

The HAND community approach every task or assignment with fervency and focus to do it well. We will therefore proactively acquire the necessary training, skills, knowledge and competencies to accomplish the assigned task professionally.


Milestones (2010 Onwards)

Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development

  • 19th March 2010: Launched IDRN 1100, First Batch of graduates.

  • 19th March 2010: Inauguration of Surabaya Local Coordination Center (LCC).

  • 08th April 2010: Formation of HAND Regional Office in Singapore.

  • 18th November 2011: Established Jakarta Local Coordination Center (LCC).

  • 10th January 2012: Community Project & our Partners: Desa Ngadirejo relief

  • 28th Januaray 2012: HAND First ToastMasters Meeting

  • 05th Feburary 2012: HAND First Visit to Kupang

  • 03rd April 2012: First Global Changing Challenges Conference

  • 01st December 2012: HAND Medicial Mission to Manado

  • 19th January 2013: Standard First Aid Training by Singapore Red Cross

  • 22nd November 2013: HAND- "Love Kupang Mission"

  • 24th December 2013: HAND visits "HAIYAN", Philippines

  • 20th November 2014: IMR -Medicial Mission to Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

It started out as Humanitarian Assistance Network for Disaster (HAND) on 19th March 2010. Immediately after IDRN Level 1 (which was conducted then by Keith Stone and Tom Jennings of HISG, Colorado, USA), a dinner was hosted at Lung Yuan Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel (Jalan Embong Malang 25-31, Jawa Timur 60261, Indonesia) with fewer than twenty (20) well-wishers present to kick off HAND, Surabaya. At the time, our vision was to focus on disaster and we had only a small office which was granted for our use by the kind owner, Pak Rukman Santoso. Little did we know that this humble beginning would explode into something unexpected forcing us to rename it in March of 2014 (4th Anniversary) as Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development due to the expanding activities, training and locations. Since March 2010, we had several milestones that made us think, implement, and act outside the box with a clear structure based on The Starfish Community model.

By the second year, we had hosted our first Global Changing Challenges 2012 (GCC 2012) and opened up new offices in Surabaya, Jakarta, Kupang and Singapore, where HAND has an active presence. The next two years saw us move into areas of training within Cambodia and Philippines. Over the years, HAND has several areas of focus like HERO, HEAD, HEART, HBDI  and HOPE eventually to see the twelve (12) sectors of Community Transformation studied, trained, and implemented in locations that are most in need of assistance

19th March 2015
Inban A. Caldwell
Strategic Coordinator Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development